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NCC B & C Certificate Written Exam- 2023


Ques 1 – What all major operations have been fought by Indian Army since independence? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Kashmir Operations against Pakistan 1947-48.

(b) Sino- Indian Operations in NEFA (Arunanchal) and Laddakh 1962.

(c) Indo-Pak war 1965.

(d) Indo – Pak war 1971.

(e) Kargil conflict 1999.

Ques 2 – What are names of Army commands? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Northern Command

(b) Western, Command

(c) Central Command

(d) Southern Command

(e) South Western Command

(f) Eastern Command

(g) Training Command

Ques 3 – Name the fighting arms? (03 Marks )

Ans – (a) Armour

(b) Infantry

(c) Mechanized infantry

Ques 4 – Name the Supporting arms? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Artillery

(b) Engineers

(c) Army Air Defence

(d) Army Aviation corps

(e) Signals

Ques 5. Name the supporting services of the Army? (10 Marks )

Ans (a) Army Services Corps (ASC)

(b) Army Medical Corps (AMC)

(c) Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)

(d) Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME)

(e) Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC).

(f) Army Education Corps (AEC)

(g) The Intelligence Corps

(h) The Corps of Military Police (CMP)

(h) Judge Advocate General Branch (JAG)

(k) Army Physical Training Corps (APTC)

(l) The Pioneer Corps

(m) Defence Security Corps (DSC)

Ques 6. Name the various commands of the Navy? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Western Naval Command with HQ at Mumbai.

(b) Eastern Naval Command with HQ at Vishakhapatnam.

(c) Southern Naval Command with HQ at Cochin.

Ques 7. Name the various commands of Air Force? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Western Air Command.

(b) Central Air Command

( c) Eastern Air Command.

(d) South Western Air Command.

(e) Southern Air Command.

(f) Training Command.

(g) Maintenance Command.

Ques 8 – Name officers’ ranks of Army in ascending order. (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Lieutenant

(b) Captain

(c) Major

(d) Lieutenant Colonel

(e) Colonel

(f) Brigadier

(g) Major General

(h) Lieutenant General

(i) General

(j) Field Marshal

Ques 9 – Name officers’ ranks of Air Force in descending order. (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Marshal of the Air Force

(b) Air Chief Marshal

(c) Air Marshal

(d) Air Commodore

(e) Group Captain

(f) Wing Commander

(g) Squadron Leader

(h) Flight Lieutenant

(i) Flying Officer

Ques 10 – Name officers’ ranks of Navy in ascending order. (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Sub Lieutenant

(b) Lieutenant

(c) Lieutenant Commander

(d) Commander

(e) Captain

(f) Commodore

(g) Rear Admiral

(h) Vice Admiral

(i) Admiral

(j) Admiral of the fleet

Ques 11. Name the gallantry awards in the face of the enemy? (05 Marks )

Ans – (a) Param Vir Chakra (PVC).

(b) Maha Vir Chakra (MVC).

(c) Vir Chakra.

(d) Sena, Nao Sena and Vayu Sena Medal (SM/NM/VM).

(e) Mention in Dispatches.

(f) Chiefs of Staff Commendation Card.

Ques 12. Name the gallantry awards other than in the face of the enemy? (05 Marks )

Ans (a) Ashoka Chakra.

(b) Kirti Chakra.

(c) Shaurya Chakra

Ques 13. Name the NCC awards for NCC personals? (05 Marks )

Ans. NCC awards to WTLOs, ANOs, GCIs and NCC Cadets are as under: –

(a) Raksha Mantri’s Padak. .

(b) Raksha Mantri’s Prashansa Patra.

(c) Raksha Sachiv’s Prashansa Patra.

(d) Maha Nideshak’s Prashansa Patra. .

(e) Maha Nideshak’s Prashansa Patra To Civilian Personnel

Ques 14. What is the concept of combined defence services? (05 Marks )

Ans. (a) The concept of three dimensional warfare or combined operations

wherein the three wings of the armed forces i.e. Army, Navy and

Air Force, have to operate as a single cohesive force against the enemy,

is the norm of the day.

(b) officers among the three services during various training course, sand model discussion and exercises

at various levels is very useful in understanding the working ethos of other services

(c) Currently Integrated Command having all the three services under its wing is established at Port Blair to institutionalize

the concept of three dimensional warfare

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