81mm Mortar Basic Data For NCC A B C Exam

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81mm Mortar Technical Data

81 mm Mortar

81MM Mortars

(a) Caliber                        – 81 mm.

(b) Weight                        – 40.6 kg (without sight).

                                         -4.7 kg (sight without case).

(c) Range

                   (i) Minimum – 68mts (from safety point of view 90 m ).

                  (ii) Maximum – 5200 m.

(d) Rate of Fire (per minute).

                     (i) Slow – 6-8 rounds.

                    (ii) Normal – 9-11 rounds.

                   (iii) Rapid – 12- 20 rounds.

(e) Muzzle Velocity                     – 305 m/sec (maximum).

(f) Elevation Limit                       –45 degrees to 85 degrees (g).

(g) Safety Distance                      – Flanking 200 m, Overhead 250 m.

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