NCC B & C Certificate Exam 2023 PDF in Hindi Special Subjects

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NCC B & C Certificate Exam – 2023



Q.No. 48 – What are names of Army commands? (05) 

Ans 48 – (a) Northern Command 

(b) Western, Command 

(c) Central Command 

(d) Southern Command 

(e) South Western Command 

(f) Eastern Command 

(g) Training Command 

Ques 49 – Name the fighting arms? (03) 

Ans 49 – (a) Armour 

(b) Infantry 

(c) Mechanized infantry 


Q. No. 50 What is a Map? (05)

Ans.50 Map is proportionate representation of piece of ground with all its natural and  man made features shown by some conventional signs. 

Q..No. 51 What are uses of Map? (05)

Ans. 51 (a) To find own position. 

(b) To determine direction from one object to another. 

(c) To locate various feature of ground on map. 

(d) To plan move during war. 

Q. No.52 Name five parts of Compass. (05)

Ans.52 (a) Thumb Ring 

(b) Lid 

(c) Window 

(d) Tongue 

(e) Lubber Line 

(f) Direction mark 

(g) Prism 

Q.No 53 What are cardinal points and types of North? (05)

Ans.53 (a) North (b) South (c) East (d) West 

True North, Magnetic North and Grid North  

Q,No. 54. Draw the following conventional signs? (05)

(a) Water Spring (b)Temple (c) Gurudwara (d) Mosque (e) Fort 

Q.No. 55 What are uses of Compass? (05)

Ans. 55 (a) To find the North. 

(b) To set the map. 

(c) Measure magnetic bearing. 

(d) During Night March 


Q.No.56 Define Field craft? (05) 

Ans 56- Field Craft is an art of using the ground and the weapon available to the best of  one‟s own advantages. 

Q.No. 57 What all subjects are included in Field craft? (05) 

Ans – 57 (a) Description of Ground. 

(b) Observation and concealment.  

(c) Judging distance. 

(d) Recognition and description of targets. 

(e) Movement with and without Arms  

Q.No 58 What are the various type of grounds and explain? (10) 

Ans 58 (a) Broken Ground. It is uneven and is generally interspersed with nullahs,  bumps and field in the ground. It is suitable for move of infantry and hinders  observation of activities. 

(b) Flat and Open Ground. It is even ground with little cover e.g. bushes,  hedges and similar foliage. It is not suitable for move of Infantry by day. 

(c) High Ground. Ground far above the general level of the area e.g. hill. It  facilitates domination of area around it by observation or fire or both.

 (d) Dead Ground. Ground that is hidden from an observer‟s view. It can  not be covered by flat. 

Ques 59 – What are the various methods of judging distance? (05) 

Ans – 59 (a) Unit of measure. 

(b) Appearance method. 

(c) Section average. 

(d) Key ranges. 

(e) Halving. 

(f) Bracketing 

Ques 60 – What is the sequence of indicating targets? (05) 

Ans – 60 The easy way to remember this sequence is to remember the word „GRAD‟. The  sequence is as follows:- 

(a) Designation of Group. 

(b) Range.  

(c) Aid. 

(d) Description 


Q.No. 61 Filling in blanks; (05)

 (a) Effective range of 7.62 mm SLR is ___________ mtr 

(b) Rapid range of fire of LMG is ______________ per minute. 

(c) Expand SMC ____________________________. 

(d) LMG can be stripped in to ____________ main groups. 

(e) No. of groves in 7.62 mm SLR is ________________. 

Ans: 61(a) 275 Mtr (b) 3 Magazine (c) Sten Machine Carbine (d) five (e) six  

Q.No. 62 Ans the followings: – (10)

  (a) Rif 7.62 mm SLR ka kutar (caliber) kitna hai? 

Ans – 7.62 mm 

(b) Bharey huey magazine ke sath Rif 7.62 mm SLR ka wazan kitna hai?

Ans – 5.1 Kg 

(c) 3 – Rif 7.62 mm SLR ka kargar range kitna hai? 

Ans – 275 meters 

(d) Rif 7.62 mm SLR men kitne round bharey jaatey hain? 

Ans – 20 Rds.

(e) Rif 7.62 mm SLR ka poora naam likho? 

Ans – 7.62mm self loading rifle. 

Q.No. 63 Rif 7.62 mm SLR ka safai ka saman likho? (06) 

Ans -63 (i) Pull through. 

(ii) Oil bottle. 

(iii) Combination tool. 

(iv) Gas regulator key screw driver. 

(v) Cylinder/Chamber cleaning brush. 

(vi) Rifle cleaning brush. 

(vii) Graphite grease tube. 

(viii) Chindi. 


Q.No. 64 Write a short note on battle of Haldighati in about 50 words (08) 

Ans: 64 (a) Battle of Haldighati was fought between Rajputs and Mughal Army in 1576. 

(b) It was fought between 20000 Rajputs and 80,000 Mughal army. 

(c) The battle was fierce but indecisive. 

(d) Maharana Pratap was saved by his estranged brother however famous loyal  horse Chetak died while saving Maharana.  

Q.No. 65 Answer the following:- (08)

 (a) During which period did Akbar rule Mughal Empire? 

(b) Who was The Chief of the Indian Army during Indo-Pak War of 1971. (c) Which was the „fourth war‟ fought between India and Pakistan? 

Ans: 65(a) 15 Oct 1542 – 27 Oct 1605 

(b) Gen SFM Manekshaw later FM.  

(c) The Kargil war 


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